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Who we are?

To tell the best of us we need to tell the story from the beginning …

First of all we need to make a premise, the company as well as the entire group is Italian as well as the style and most of our investors …

Spazio Group España was born in 2018 from the idea of a great leader to meet a need of the moment. This need was the management of a property owned by him precisely in Playa Blanca.
From this necessity with the passing of the months various opportunities arise and hence the winning idea of founding the company and dedicating ourselves to tourist-accommodation development and not only here in Lanzarote.

Our primary goal is to develop what is not there yet. As soon as we arrived immediately we realized the lack of two fundamental aspects.

  1. The reception and customer loyalty as regards the tourism branch
  2. The huge shortage of residential homes

Hence our continuous search for properties to buy – renovate and then make income for ourselves or for our investors

Our Team

A closer look

Mauro Accardi
Leader and Founder
Mauro Accardi
Leader and Founder
Angelo Bettoli
Commercial Director
Angelo Bettoli
Commercial Director

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