Why Invest In Lanzarote?

  • by Angelo Bettoli
  • 2 years ago
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If you are looking for the answers to the questions “Why should I invest in Lanzarote or why move to Lanzarote?” then you are on the correct page.
In this article I will try to briefly summarize some of the things that subjectively struck me about this enchanted place and the main reasons why to invest here and how to do it.

Given that I moved to this island at the beginning of 2018 to analyze the sustainability of future investments together with my partners.
Although the island is small, it is a concentrate of potential for those who want to get involved by welcoming an average of 2.5 million tourists annually.

(statistica ISTAC su base triennale 2017-2018-2019)

Wanting to analyze the island in detail, we can divide it into 3 potential and highly tourist areas divided geographically between North-East, Center-East and South-East as listed below

  • Costa Teguise (North – East)
  • Puerto del Carmen (Center – East)
  • Playa Blanca (South – East)

These are the three places on the island most influenced by tourism.

Let’s take a closer look at them

Costa Teguise

Vanta di un turismo “medio – basso” fascia d’età < 40 anni.
Situata al nord dell’isola è ideale per tutti coloro che cerchino un luogo di tranquillità ed adatto per attivitá sportive

Puerto del Carmen

Distinguished by its morphology, it enjoys a kilometer-long beach and a very lively tourism, with an age group mostly under 50

Playa Blanca

Location in full development in the south of the island suitable for families and all people looking for peace and tranquility. It stands out mainly for one of the most famous beaches in all of Spain #PlayaPapagayo Playa Blanca still remains one of the most sought after destinations for over 40s for the presence of terraced houses perfect for a relaxing holiday

For our knowledge we have opted for Playa Blanca as the place to invest especially for the target clientele but above all for the plans planned to date and which are currently underway.

All these investments will inevitably generate related assets and create jobs.
This is why from our point of view Playa Blanca remains a perfect area to invest today with the certainty that tomorrow there are guaranteed financial returns.

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